Street performances

Street performances

Actuaciones a pié de calle

Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

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Dos zonas de Baño. Two swimming zones.

 Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Todas las noches



Una ciudad medieval anclada en el medievo. A medieval town frozen in the middle age.

Bandas Itinerantes

Bandas Itinerantes

Itinerant Bands

Concerts & Sound sytems & Djs

‘Wiatrowo Band, or how to become a ska-jazz addict’ 


Wiatrowo Band bets for blowing borders among music styles mixing ska, jazz and funk with any other coming into their way: reggae, swing, boss, Easter Europe music… with such a special name, Wiatrowo, which means wind in Polish, has achieve to make from humor, originality and music quality their identity.



We live in a dump that claims its own folklore!

A didactic and interactive concert where two pedagogic musicians multy-instrumentalist will performance own compositions and universal folklore with unusual instruments and made from garbage.   +info

‘While you don’t need it, music is one of the most beautiful doors of paradise’ 


Vibra is the most profound and intimate David Cobo’s project, member of El Bicho. In this case comes with the voice and percussions of Manu Rubio and the keyboard, flutes and guitar of Paul Castejón. . +Info

Several decades, in a distant and vague era, the legendary gypsy-cowboy Jony Walter returned to his hometown Buffalo (Burgos, Spain), after one of his prolific surf sessions in the legendary waves of Mundaka.

While he was roasting a delicious rat that had just hunted, composed this beautiful song at his temporary campament; soon after decided to transcribe it into a nearby rock with his mighty blade. Years later the Burgos Ba nd Cowabunga had fortune to stumble across those fabulous scores, and since then, they just merely interpret them to delight of all of you; I think. 

"A universe full of shades and intensity "

Maud the moth is the personal project of the singer-songwriter Amaya López-C, who uses piano and her voice as main instruments to build a musical universe full of shades and intensity. Her personal style is hard to fit into a tag, since her classical training but yet taste for dark, and heavier sounds made her a sort of stateless musician. To be fair citing influences one must name composers such as Debussy, Turina or Esbjörn Svenson as much as the singing of Mahalia Jackson or the strength of Tool, Faith no more and Battle of mice, among many others. +Info


  • African Roots Sound System (MAD)

  • Jamaika In the Jungle feat Rastu & Rapu (BUR)

  • Proxecto Alma Colectivo (GZA)

  • Santi Martín (MAD)

  • Mayka Edjo (MAD)

Sound systems & Djs

Muchos Más por confirmar....

"Sofisticación y raíz. Atmósferas y latidos. Polifonía vocal."

Neønymus es un singular proyecto musical de Silverio Cavia (Silberius de Ura), donde crea en directo una muy personal mezcla de voces, sonidos e instrumentos, utilizando armonías vocales de música antigua, contemporánea, folk y quizá un poco de jazz. Un hombre sólo, encima del escenario, con su voz, algunos pequeños instrumentos acústicos y una pedalera de loops, construyendo melodías que sugieren escenas de la prehistoria y de la época actual.      +Info

"Referentes del Menilomant, Swing, Lapomp y Ole Swing"


Este homenaje a Stephane Grappelli nace desde la más profunda admiración con esa contagiosa alegría de vivir. Trío especializado en la música años 30 y el jazz manouche. Es un referente en el panorama madrileño formando diferentes proyectos alrededor de este estilo como Menilmontant, Swing, Lapomp, Ole Swing y muchas jam sessions de gipsyjazz.