Street performances

Street performances

Actuaciones a pié de calle

Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Every nights



Dos zonas de Baño. Two swimming zones.

 Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Todas las noches



Una ciudad medieval anclada en el medievo. A medieval town frozen in the middle age.

Bandas Itinerantes

Bandas Itinerantes

Itinerant Bands

Don’t worry if you haven’t made your mind for one course yet, or even better if you like them all, this is a musicians community in which you are going to live for 10 days, in every moment there will be an opportunity to learn from those courses you have interest. Besides that, during the evenings you will assist to the workshops, given by the courses professors and many new ones!


In order to sign up for our continued learning courses you need to:


  • First of all choose one of the courses among all are offered.



  • Pay in the 80€ of booking in the acount number you will find below including your full name in the subject!



  • We will send you a payment confirmation


* The rest of the registration fee must be made before 1 of June


** Remember! the courses are spot limited so once you have made your mind about coming to WIM2014 book your pass ASAP!!!







1 – Until 15th of March: 190€ (limited) (80€ booking + 110€ Inscription*) (Limited tickets)


2  - From 16th  of March : 225€  (80€ booking + 145€ Inscription*)






Holder: Asoc. Juvenil Movimiento por la Cultura Libre


Acount number: 3060 0001 76 2222336725


Subject: (Name + booking) o (Name + Payment)





  • One of the morning courses (25h), all the workshops, conferences, master classes...


  • Accommodation area (free camping) and breakfast.


  •  Free entrance to all the concerts and the chance to participate everyday in the jam sessions.



The courses are place limited (20 spots approx.) so once you have made your mind send us your application form ASAP to book your place.




Application form