Street performances

Street performances

Actuaciones a pié de calle

Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Every nights



Dos zonas de Baño. Two swimming zones.

 Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Todas las noches



Una ciudad medieval anclada en el medievo. A medieval town frozen in the middle age.

Bandas Itinerantes

Bandas Itinerantes

Itinerant Bands

Music: Sacred technology

The Course



The music is the perfect vehicle to smoothly slide to the intense absolute where we will taste the sound, vocals, percussion and dance possibilities through different meditation and shamanism practices related with the music.


An amzing travel to yourself where tearing apart the dual illusion of separation with all the things, you find a clear and happy presence.



No necessary musical and/or meditation experience!

This course is not about learning new technics, pseudo-mystical scales or magic tricks.

Is about living strong experiences through the sound.

For sure it will change your perception and way of music understanding.







Induced Vibration

Is a Mexican shamanism practice.

It is to connect an special kind of breathing remaining in a good posture.

Step by step and leaving us impregnate by the music appears the vibration, sometimes soft and other times very powerful.

We finish integrating the exercise with relaxation.

Before everything there is a theoretical introduction about the energy system and the no-duality practice.

Energetic readjust through sound and movement.

Work focus: Chakras and energetic flux.



Shamanic drum

A travel to other realities through the ‘horse-drum’.

Practice very popular in many Asian and American shamanisms which is about the visualization guided by the drum and rattles we go across different levels of being, Intellect, energetic, emotional, etc.

A theoretical introduction will talk about the different Sery leves of the master-disciple.

Meeting with the animal architect of power, masters and spiritual guide.

Work focus: Conscience drops of Bon shamanism.


Joy and Creation

Based on the Quantic Physic investigation of Joe Dispensa turns into a really innovating practice.

Is an explanation and direct application of scientific theories of creation forour own reality.

The harmony between mind and emotion frees and allows the jump and the quantic creation.

Simply we will listen the sound of Tibetan bowls and Chinese gongs while following specific ‘instructions’ executed with the mind.

Work focus: Mind states and reality creation.




Search of the primitive silence through a concert/session of meditation where you lay and welcome the sound,

the Mantras and Icarus, completely giving yourself you dilute into the sound.

Travel with no limits, maps or any object to the your inner center.

Work and theory focus: origin and destiny of ‘Sex, drugs & Rock and Roll’ Tantra. Devotion



Musician, percussionist, modified mind-states, therapy, shamanism, psycho-ritual, psycho-magical and tantric yoga expert.


Since being a child he found shelter in the music, in its listening, free singing, dance and fantasy. With he was nine years old he went with his fathers to a local party where in a side were playing some Peruvian Indians. Seeing how happy they were and how happy were making the audience shocked me, since then I clearly knew it.. ‘I will have long, black and straight hair and I will become Peruvian'



He started to move in the Madrid Flamenco circuit when in 2000 he met some nice people from a Flamenco-fusion band. They needed a percussionist to record its first demo and play some concerts. It worked, they become family and in 2003 they recorded their first cd, ‘El Bicho’. The adventure lasted ten years with three studio records and one live, two of them were gold record and another got platinum. At this time we toured all over Spain, Europe, Morocco and South-America. Now ‘El Bicho’ peacefully waits for a happy reunion.

These years he kept taking music lessons: with Nantha Kumar and Sergey Saprychef he studied Hindu Tabla, as he did it in India with Krishna Mahadevan as well. In Cuba, with Ernesto ‘Capitán’ Smith, he learnt the independence at the Afro-cuban set and with Octavio Babalawo Rodríguez, batá and Cuban rumba.


The mind and dualist illusion he had between spiritually and music, between holiness and rock&roll started to disappear thanks to the harmonic song lessons and meditation with Enrique Martínez. It changed his life, redirected my way of understanding, tasting and using music. Even in 2010 he started to write a documentary script: Music, sacred technology, where explores the infinite possibilities of the sound and music.


He already had studied regressive therapy and hypnosis with José Luis López Valencia. He had been a few years studying and enjoying this therapeutic art created by A. Jodorowsky: Psycho-genealogy, psycho-shamanism with himself, Marian Costa, Paulina Doniz and Cristobal Jodorowsky, collaborating with Cristobal and being part of his theatre company.


Since 2005 directs ‘El Grueso’, a sound experimentation group of percussion students who trusted his experiments to research the possibilities of the drum as a self-knowledge tool.


Later on, in 2009, with Manu Rubio creates Vibra, a wonderful world music band oriented to ‘tune’ the body and spirit. From this project born Sacromonte, rock side of Vibra.


He stills researches the music and Human being mysteries practicing Kashmir Tantra with Daniel Odier. Studying and practicing Kabala, Kashmir Tantra, Vajrayana y Bon with Carlos de León and Sexual Tantra with Hari Dass. Experimenting with José Luis López Delgado different shamanism and conscience expansion technics.


Since 2010 offers what he calls Non-Dual Sound, individual sessions or group workshops of self-healing, where he has the pleasure of helping who wants it, tearing apart the illusion between his two great passions, the music and the contact with the absolute.