Street performances

Street performances

Actuaciones a pié de calle

Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Every nights



Dos zonas de Baño. Two swimming zones.

 Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Todas las noches



Una ciudad medieval anclada en el medievo. A medieval town frozen in the middle age.

Bandas Itinerantes

Bandas Itinerantes

Itinerant Bands

Impro Music Dance


Improvisation Course for Music and Dance  



Alba Bonal (Dance) and Trinidad Jiménez (Flute) have been working together for more than three years. Their work is based on three basic pillars: dance, music and improvisation, at the same level, nourishing each other.


Through several sessions they show us how it is the creative process.

They will share how to work from dance and music to improvisation.

How to create nexus between both disciplines and how to orientate searching process during improvisation.


This course is designed for musicians and dancers of any level and style.



Main Purposes


  • To know the body, the musical instrument

  • To play and dance from the improvisation

  • To search external references out of our discipline

  • To work reaction capability, interdisciplinary feedback



Specific Music Content


  • Search and creation of patterns, scales and rhythmic resources

  • Movement reading

  • Instant speech creation

  • Music for dancing or from the dance?



Specific Dance Content


  • To dance from our music and from the music

  • To develop body, spatial, rhythmic and movement conscience

  • To maximize the body in a physical, mental and spiritual way.





Mainly active and participative methodology.

Shared group sessions.

From basic guides create a collective music-dance speech through small performances in couples and small groups. The professors will guide the process and provide proper tools to the participants.




Sessions Organization


Collectives: musicians and dancers.

Small work tutorages of specific work in every discipline with both professors.


Alba Bonal (Dance)





Alba Bonal is a dancer with a degree in Spanish Dance and Flamenco, besides she has done in Spain, Brazil and Africa Afro-Brazilian, African and Contemporary Dance Courses in order to complement her artistic career. This career has taken her to performance all over the world; she has collaborated with many theatre, dance and percussion companies, highlighting ‘Mayumana’, the dance, theatre and percussion company with which she has done performances all over Europe, South-America, Australia and North America.

In the Spanish Dance field she has belonged, among others, to the Merche Esmeralda Company, José Greco II, Carmen Cantero –La Pipi- or the Clara Ramona, Isaac y Nino de los Reyes Company, acting in different stages such us the National Theatre in Taiwan and others in Spain, Hungary, South Africa and China. And at the Contemporary Dance the Sharon Fridman and Peter Agardi companies.


She has given ballet, flamenco, Afro dance, body language and body percussion lessons. Now a day she works educating people with a physical or sensory disability at the dance company Psicoballet de Maite León of which is choreographer and also as a child monitor in many schools giving music and dance workshops.


At the same time beside the formative activities, she is art director of the music band Zumbalé and percussionist at the African band Nbongi ye to, both in Madrid.


Her experience as a dancer and percussionist echoes in a work based on the corporal expression and musical coordination.


Trinidad Jiménez



Flautist. Degree on Music History and Science, PhD at the Complutense University in Madrid and University of Sevilla, where she completes here Thesis concerning ‘The flute in the Flamenco Jazz’. With professional Violin education, she opts for the traverse flute, finalizing a Jazz degree at the Conservatory Adolfo Salazar (Madrid).


As a flautist she has an eclectic trajectory playing in many different projects: Oriental Fusion (‘Patricia Passo’ Dance Company), contemporary assembles, Flamenco and Jazz (‘De Repente’ Company, Flutopía, Watrowo Band), Flamenco Company (Cuadro a Tres, Cuadro Puerta del Cante) and other dance companies (Flamenco a la Turca, Flames Flowers, Alba Bonal).


She has composed and adapted jingles, documentary music, theatre and literary an academic events (Royal Theatre, Spanish Cinema Academy, ‘Autónoma de Madrid’ University, University of Granada, Madrid’s Zoo, TVE). As a studio flautist she has take part in the recording of many albums and the edition of many books. Now a day, she combines teaching and researching with many projects as a composer and flautist.