Street performances

Street performances

Actuaciones a pié de calle

Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Every nights



Dos zonas de Baño. Two swimming zones.

 Conciertos & Live Acts

Conciertos & Live Acts

Todas las noches



Una ciudad medieval anclada en el medievo. A medieval town frozen in the middle age.

Bandas Itinerantes

Bandas Itinerantes

Itinerant Bands

Deepening course about ethnic percussion based on the ethnic percussion instruments evolution trough History and continents.



The pedagogical aspect is oriented to provide a musical teaching and rhythmic writing method according to an occidental systematization of the non-occidental traditional teachings, which allows to guide the students trough the main rhythms and poly-rhythms, enhancing the rhythmic capability and helping to understand ‘musically’ a intercultural society.

The course





  • Promoting, trough a collective participation, learning of the main Arabic, African, Latin and Hindu rhythms.

  •  Stimulating creativity trough rhythmic games.

  • Drawing on non-verbal communication developing a common felling trough participation teaching the student to improve the self esteem loosing complex and fears.

  • Emphasizing in a deep ethnic and small social groups knowledge.

  • To promote a better understanding of the non-occidental music cultures trough practice and records listening.





  • Rhythms geographical history. Introduction to the non-occidental ethnic music rhythms.

  • Basic rhythmic Sol-Fa knowledge oriented to Arabic, African, Latin and Hindu first-look rhythms writing and reading.

  • Listening of the recorded material.

  • Finding similarities between different ethnic groups.

  • Rhythmic and melodic ethnic songs.

  • Introduction to non-occidental ethnic percussion instruments.

  • Orchestration of multiple lines in polyrhythms.

  • Orientation to the construction and explanation of improvised solos.


Tommy Caggiani


Borned in Milano (Italy) in 1959, he lives in Spain since 1998. Drummer, percussionist and music therapist (Master Degree in the Danish University of Aalborg), jazz and ethnic musician, drums professor at the High Jazz Conservatory of Navarra since 2003; He is been a Membranophones professor at non-occidental tradition (ethnic percussion’s history) since 2009 until 2013.


Tommy is a researcher on self-healing therapies related with ethnic music. He has recorded 30 albums with Italian and Spanish bands. He has played with Maurizio Giammarco, Antonello Salis, Donald Alridge, Malik Yacoub, Jorge Pardo, Jerry González, Javier Colina, Javier Paxariño, Kepa Junkera, Monastyr, New Mood Trio y José Luis Gutiérrez, among others.

Basis of World’s percussion



  • Learning about the different regions and cultures percussion origin and evolution.

  • Learning about percussion notes and symbol’s writing in its different ways depending of the instrument.

  • Rhythms representation.

  • Improvisation study.

  • Rhythmic group games.

  • Learning in groups, singed and played, orchestration of multiple percussion and ethnic songs lines.

  • Playing small exercises based in class topics. .